RISE - life Coach Template


RISE is a Framer template for Life Coach, with a unique identity, storytelling and animation. It also perfectly fits to a Sophrologist, a Reiki teacher, or a therapist…

One of the key features of Rise is the CMS success stories section. This enables you to manage your content, information related to your clients, feedback and by the way improve your SEO.

RISE is also responsive and includes a contact form, allowing your clients to get in touch with you.

Preview: https://rise-template.framer.website/

What does RISE include?

→ Home Page

→ About Page

→ Individuals Page

→ Businesses Page

→ Stories Page (CMS)

→ Contact Page

→ 404 Error Page


→ Scroll Effects

→ Animations

→ Custom cursor

→ Breakpoints

→ Content Management System (CMS)


This template has been built on Framer

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